Europe - Quince

STOP NO.: Spain and Portugal

An unparalleled trainer

NAME: Quince
LATIN NAME: Pyrus cydonia
LOCATION: Spain and Portugal
TYPE: Tree
PART(S) USED: Fruit and leaf

A token of tradition...

A small tree native to the Caucasus, quince has been cultivated all over the Mediterranean region. In ancient times, its fruit – with its golden, downy peel – was offered to brides and grooms as a token of love and fertility. Its surprisingly hard, bitter flesh transforms when cooked into a sweet concoction, which can then be incorporated into a jelly or a candied fruit bar, while its leaves help treat coughs, cardiovascular diseases, and skin conditions.


1, 2, 3... slim!

In cosmetics, organic quince extract helps tighten the skin’s structure to give it back its elasticity. It promotes fat elimination and regulates the overproduction of the fibres causing adipose tissue to be rigid.


The perfect trainer

To fight cellulite, Clarins Laboratories use quince leaf extract as a real trainer to diminish cellulite. It reduces fat storage like Nordic walking, promotes fat burning like running, and strengthens skin suppleness like stretching exercises.

Find the benefits of Quince in...

  • Double Serum

    495,00 zł
  • Balsam Energizing Emulsion

  • Tonizujący Płyn do Kąpieli |Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate

    99,00 zł

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