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For ultra-superb skin

NAME: Marshmallow
LATIN NAME: Althaea officinalis
LOCATION: France, Poland
TYPE: Herb

Its beauty secret lies in its root...

Marshmallow is a European medicinal plant that dates back to ancient times. Everything about it screams softness: its root, leaves, and flowers are rich in mucilages, which are its main active softening and soothing ingredient. In the past, the roots were given to children to promote tooth growth, and were also used to prepare marshmallow creme. They calm coughs and sore throats, clean wounds, and treat oral diseases.


Beautiful and soft

A symbol of softness, marshmallow is traditionally used for its root, which possesses cleansing, soothing, and softening properties.

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    69,00 zł
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    79,00 zł

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